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May 06, 2009


Doug Posey DVM

Mac really hit home with all of his points last night. I reflected on a recent "god thing" moment that I had. A lady came into my clinic, and through the course of conversation in the exam room, she relayed to me that her last few years had been rather rocky, at best. She had lost her son some years back, rather tragically, and then sometime later had lost their home due to foreclosure. Now, her husband was a full time job for her, as he suffered from dementia. I was appropriately compassionate as we finished up our examination time. Her pet had undergone a recent heart issue and she was confirming that he was indeed stable and better. I exited the room, and returned to my desk to write up case files. About 10 minutes later, I had the first true moment of clarity that God was commanding me to perform a task. I had been reading the fiction story, " The Shack" and I felt compelled to give it to her. As "luck" would have it, ( read " a god thing") even though she had been out of the clinic for over 10 minutes, she was still in the parking lot, fumbling in her purse for her keys. Not wanting to "apostolitize" to a stranger, I simply asked if she read much, and to please take my book, read 10 pages and if she did not care for it, to throw it away, not to even bother with the effort of returning it. Two days later, this same woman called me, and was congenial, but inquired as to why I had felt compelled to give her that book. I meekly commented that it was just a "hunch". She then told me... " I just want you to know that book saved my life. I had brought my pet in for an exam to make sure that it was healthy, before I checked out." She was going to commit suicide. I was stunned. This lady is calling me thanking me, when in fact this was such a tangible piece of god's work through his people, if we only would listen more often. What a gift of the reality of God's presence I have been working so hard to know how to tune in, and maybe I am finally getting there. Turns out her son went to Bay Area, and had God in his heart, also. God has given me this story to tell people about. Those that I once was too timid, to uncomfortable, to try and bring to God, now is no longer an issue. This was REAL, not some scripture reading "Jesus freak on the corner" stuff. To realize that walking with God is both an honor and a "war effort", makes me want to "re-enlist" with every step of the path to maturity that I take, daily in seeking what is right, not just what is "right now". Thank you Bil for being the best of Colonel's and continuing to introduce us to the rest of the leaders, such as Mac Richard .

Respectfully submitted,

Doug Posey, DVM


What a night of blessings! Always blessed to participate in worship, communion and baptisms, and Mac's message was inspirational; inspired me to tweet this haiku:
Bountiful mercy, reconciliation sweet, through the blood of Christ.

Saturday's message about mercy, Mac's about reconciliation...tenderized some tough spots in my heart that I've probably ignored :)

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