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April 21, 2009


Scott Bram


Great message. We had about 10 folks from my martial arts gym along with a few of their friends in attendance this past Sunday. Good reactions all around. We're praying that they keep coming and get involved. Thanks for doing this series - as a member of the MoB I know that our men need this.


Albert Carrillo III

Hey Bil,

Was indeed an awesome Scott, I too noted that there were a number of mixed martial artist's,(am a former taekwondo -korean form of martial arts, and arnis eskirima -filipino style martial arts competitor, hence noting some familiar faces) boxers, etc. in attendance. You've/we've reached 'a unique' group of folks, along with re-directing our (including myself) focus and awareness in our battles, whether it be, marital, health, professionally, etc.,

The end result, 'preparedness' as in the octago, or in the squared circle, our walk and constant connection with God is paramount..without this, we're in trouble!

thanks for introducing this series...& see you this weekend!


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